The 55 secret Rules in Design and Advertising: Workflow 2

  • You perform to be the chosen one. When you have a new job in prospect, your creative juices usually start flowing immediately. Even before you accept the assignment, your mind is busy inventing ideas and approaching avenues. If you are a professional, you know this very well, because you never take a job blindfolded.
  • You fall in love. If you had this glorious first idea, it is so huge that you get all excited over it. You start building up an emotional attachment to the idea. You begin craving it and you end up loving it to death – after all, it is a part of you, and before it, there was nothing.
  • You exchange engagement rings. You simply love your (initial) idea so much that you can’t even think of another approach. that is because when you love something so much, you can’t think of anything better than that, right? So right now, your emotions are blurring your objectivity. To open up for other possibilities though, you have to free yourself from this emotional bond. Take a step back and forget about the idea. It will not run away, you have put it on paper already. Free your mind and go back to square zero.
  • You wake up. Finally, after having detached yourself from your first love, you are able to come up with new ideas. Your mind is free and now capable of exploring your creativity to its fullest potential. This results in a bunch of ideas, including your first love, spread out on your desk. Now you only have to choose the best one. Sometimes, your CD or the client will want to do this for you. Sometimes, you will find that you had far better ideas after you let go of the first one. And sometimes, you will find that after all, your first idea is still the best. Sometimes.

3. A mistake can lead to very interesting results

The endless possibilities Photoshop and Illustrator offer are truly astonishing. When you are a noobie, they can be overwhelming. But wait, do not give up yet! There is a very good reason to let your mouse and pen have its own mind.