The 55 secret Rules in Design and Advertising: Personal Matter

It is always easy to neglect these things, especially as a creative. Sometimes, you are in a state of flux, you are being overly productive and in the middle of it, and you do not want to stop. Taking a break in order to eat, drink and sleep is hard. Gee, even standing up to go for a pee is. But it is necessary – not only to keep her runnin, but to maintain the level of quality. So if you feel tired, sleep, for heaven’s sake! Wake up in the morning and you’ll be thankful that you listened to me.

4. Time is a rare commodity. Spend it wisely

Let’s be honest, friends: being on time isn’t exactly one of our most renowned values. We might be excellent designers, but sometimes, we could just be not so late. Can you refer to this?

Well, many creatives I know can. Its because of the nature of our business. Read rule #1 of Workflow: You laugh at nine to five. So it is necessary to undertake certain steps to ensure our punctuality and credibility.

  • Don’t take on more than you can manage. When you start off in the design field, you’ll probably take every job you can. You’re in your early years and besides needing the money, you’ll want to gain experience – and referrers, because you know that your happy clients are the best source for new jobs. And this is my point exactly: Happy clients generate new clients. You won’t do your client a favor by delivering crappy and unsolid work due to a lack of time – nor will you do yourself a favor.
  • do not wait for the last moment to start work. Even if you think that you are able to do a job standing on your head, you should start working on it early. The longer you are in the business, the more you learn that a project’s true extent is being disclosed in the process. So do not make the mistake of underestimating your workload. This directly reflects on our next tip for time management

The 55 secret Rules in Design and Advertising: Workflow

This is the third installment in the 55 secret Rules in Design and Advertising. So far, I have covered:

  • Part 1: Basic Rules
  • Part 2: Rules of Composition

Set 3: The Rules of Workflow and Getting it Done

Whether you are working for an advertising agency or you are a freelancer, there are a few things everybody I know in the creative business incorporates. The nature of or jobs makes it necessary to rely on a few techniques that get our creative juices flowing.

1. You laugh at nine to five

you will have to forgive me for this one – it may sound harsh and insulting to some people, but it is the full truth in the creative business. A standard 9-to-5 job is the exact opposite of what the life of a designer looks like. Especially when you freelance, you do not usually start your working day at nine in the morning, take a break at noon and clean up your desk at five. This has two main reasons:

  • There is no routine in creativity. With inspiration being the driving force of our productivity, we can’t look at the clock and say Now you have gonna be creative for eight hours. Inspiration comes and goes. you will find yourself standing up and working on a job in the middle of the night, just because you had that great idea that needed immediate attention.
  • Design is not an everyday job. A designer will not usually pull a line between work and fun. We do not go to work because we have to – but because we love what we are doing! That is, if you are a designer at heart and soul. You then (start to) notice that design is all around. You start walking through life with open eyes and absorb everything you see. Especially when you are in advertising.

2. You can spend hours and hours tweaking and turning a comp upside down, but sometimes, your first idea is still the best

Sometimes, you have this fantastic idea that you love so much. You get all excited over it. You start outlining the idea right away. At some point though, you do notice that you need a couple more ideas. That may be for the reasons mentioned above, or simply because you are such an ambitious designer, which is very good. But you simply can’t come up with anything else. Why is that?